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Our Services

Lending Library

The lending library is the newest feature of the St. Michael’s Museum. We have been very fortunate to receive donated books from local priests and sisters of the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph, and have gathered a sizeable body of literature on various topics. The categories on hand are listed below:

  • Bible Guidebooks

  • Biographies

  • Canadian History

  • Catholicism

  • European History

  • French

  • Irish

  • Maritime History

  • Miramichi History

  • New Brunswick History

  • Nova Scotia History

  • Popes

  • Prayer

  • Reference

  • Religious History

  • Spirituality

  • Theology

  • Vatican II Documents/Encyclicals

Lending Procedure: Borrowing books is free of charge. You can browse our collection during the hours of operation of the store, and can sign a book out for up to three weeks by leaving your name, contact information, and having the books signed out on record.

St. Michael's Book Store

Sharing a building with the St. Michael’s Museum Association, St. Michael’s Catholic Supplies and Book Store has served the greater Miramichi area since 2004. Drop by and browse our collection of:

  • Bibles

  • Candles

  • Children’s books

  • Christian books and pamphlets

  • Crosses and crucifixes

  • Daily and Sunday Missals

  • Gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, first communion, confirmation, graduation, and more

  • Greeting cards (boxed and singles)

  • Inspirational cards Religious calendars

  • Irish gifts and cards

  • Prayer cards and Novenas

  • Religious educational material

  • Rosaries

  • Seasonal items (e.g., for Lent, Easter, Christmas)

  • Self-help books

  • Statues and medals

Genealogy Centre

Our genealogy centre contains information for Northumberland County, NB. Visitors must pay a user fee to access records for a day to perform their own research, or hire a researcher on site to perform the search.


How searches are conducted: To begin, a name and date are requested. We then check through our records to confirm that the family was actually living in Northumberland County. Once this is confirmed, we use various records and local histories—including censuses, marriage and birth records, church records, and books by local authors—to conduct the search.


The most completed records are for the Catholic churches in the area, especially St. Michael’s. However, we do have records for other denominations, including the Anglican and United churches, as well as records for many cemeteries in the county.


Fees for research: For hired research, we charge $30.00 (Canadian) for the first hour and a half of research, and $20.00 for each subsequent hour. A $50.00 down payment is required. We accept postal and in-person payments in cash, but do not accept personal checks.

If visitors wish to conduct their own research, the fee to access our records is $30.00 for the day. Photocopies of our records can be made for $0.25 per page.

Picture reproduction: We have numerous photographs on file, which can be reproduced for a fee of $5.00 (Canadian) per copy.

Baptism and Marriage certificates: Copies of Baptism and Marriage certificates may be completed if requested as part of research.

Museum and tours

The upper level of our building consists of a museum that contains a number of artifacts and various historical items that we have been able to collect over time. To gain access to this part of our building and browse what we have to offer, ask one of our staff members to accompany you upstairs.  

The museum has staff on hand who are able to conduct tours. Feel free to contact the museum at any time to book a guided tour. 

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